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Platform and mobile application

Lifetime free Website: Mobile

application: scan the QR code on the image and download the mobile application. Log in with the device ID (above the device sticker) number and password; (original password: 123456. You can change it).

Easy to hide

MV730, it looks like a relay, but in fact it is a locator.


About network

GSM band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz;
The device may be used in your country, with the exception of these countries:
USA, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Canada, Singapore, China Taiwan

Real time tracking

We can request real-time device location information using the platform, mobile application (Micodus) and SMS.

Tracking Method: GPS + LBS + GLONASS

SMS command: G123456 or where

Remote control

We can remotely control our device, and when someone wants to steal a car, we can remotely disconnect the oil circuit and the circuit.


About oil

When sending oil cutting: 555;

The device will execute the oil cut command;

(When the speed exceeds 20 km / h, this command will not be executed immediately. By applying oil and turning off the oil (2 seconds interval), the speed will slow down.

At a speed of less than 20 km / h. The device will fully execute the fuel cut command.)


Automatic hand

The device will automatically enter hand status after you turn off the engine.


Operating voltage 10-40 V

It can be applied to various cars;

For example: car, motorcycle, truck, taxi, bus.

ACC Detection Status

After connecting the ACC line, you can remotely determine the status of your car engine.



After enabling this function, you can pre-configure the distance of movement of the alarm, then, as soon as your car has been moved to this distance under the engine shutdown status, you can get alarm information via SMS, call and application.



Set geofence

Having established one or several specific zones (home, company), the device exits or enters this area, we will receive an alarm message.

Books on the history of the playback route

We can check the path of the history of the car through a mobile application or platform login, you can request data within 180 days!

Speeding Alert

This alarm only works in continuous positioning mode. When the speed of the device exceeds the speed that you configured, it will send the message "speed alarm!" on admin number

Vibration signals

Mainly used for anti-theft vehicles, When we receive an alarm, we need to check the car on time.

Cut alarm wires

When someone else wants to cut the line of the device, we can immediately receive an alarm to prevent theft.

Sleep mode

When you enable this function, the device may go into sleep mode and then save the car’s battery.

Mode of application

(I) place the cover, insert a NANO SIM card supporting GSM / GPRS network into the slot and make sure the chip side is raised
(II) Connect the cable, follow the picture
(III) Set admin number by sending SMS command to sim card inside the device For example: admin123456 + 86186 *** (+ 86186 *** must be your phone number)
(IV) APN set: CMN APN123456 (please use your local APN instead of CMNET, if you do not know the contents of the APN, you must contact the SIM card provider)

About the oil shut off function:

As for connecting the fishing line, you need to find a professional person to install, otherwise the oil cutting function may not work.
1. The standard power supply of this device is 10V-50VDC, the red line is the positive pole of the power supply, and the black is the negative pole of the power supply; when installing the negative power pole, please select ground or ground separately and do not share with other wires;
2. The oil shut off control line (green / blue line) is connected to the oil pump line.
Off State: 12 V is required for the power line
When the oil cutting function is not available, check:
1. Does your device use GPS positioning, if after waiting for the fuel cut command to wait, the device will respond to the command;
2. If your gps device has no signal, after sending the oil cut command, it takes at least 1 minute for the device to execute the command. Please wait a few minutes.

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