Smart Tire Pressure Indicator TPMS Monitoring Alarm Solar power charging LCD Car Display Pressure Alarm monitoring system Sensor

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Why do we need a tire pressure monitoring sysetm

1.Avoid tire accidents due to tire leaks when driving at high speeds. 2.Long-term low tire pressure will cause tire deformation; 3.Tires are punctured, and many people do n’t know that their tires have been punctured,resulting in punctures; 4.Unstable tire pressure will cause faster fuel consumption.

So you need a professional tpms

Our tpms have many functions: 1.Solar charging; 2.Realtime data; 3.TPMS; 4.easy installation; 5.Four tire display; 6.Smart mode.

Suit for 99% cars

Wide compatibility, suitable for many car models.(99%)

Dual charging mode

solar charging and USB charging are supported,very easy to use.

Four tire data displayed at the same time

The device supports 4 tire data displays at the same time, and the tire pressure and temperature are under control.

Smart mode

Intelligent automatic on / off screen: In no operation state, the display screen goes off automatically. When the device feels the operation, the screen will change automatically. The abnormal status display lights up and the buzzer alarms.

Realtime monitoring

air leak reminder/High tire pressure alarm/High fetal temperature alarm/Sensor failure alarm/Sensor low battery alarm.

Smart chip

The chip feels abnormal and automatically turns on the buzzer alarm.

Two options

Internal sensors and external sensors Internal sensors: is more accurate; 2.Sensor version is more stable; 3.Better concealment and anti-theft; 4.Battery Life:5 years;Not replaceable. 5.Working temperature: -40-125 degrees Celsius, external sensors: 1.Simple installation and easy to use. 2.Battery Life:2-3 years;Support replacement; 3.Working temperature:-20--85degrees Celsius

How to install

Product size display

Packing List

How to replace the battery?

We explained here that in order to better provide customers with quality products, we upgraded the sensors. In the current package, a small wrench is used instead of the original tool. So you only can use a small wrench to easily open the sensor and replace the battery

-Solar power charging, don't need to charge by connecting car cigarette lighter
-Colorful LCD Digital displaying, clear to show tire information -Rear-time monitoring pressure & temperature of 4 tire
-Low air pressure/high temperature alarm
-High Temperature / Leakage / Low Battery Alarm
-Intelligent Shock Boot when car moving, don't need to turn on/off
-Wireless connect by sensors, easy install
-Build-in sensors and external sensors options, meets all your need 
-Freescale chip sensors and fit on almost 98% cars on market
When you receive the package and turn on the receiver, the receiver displays "--" or "00", please don't worry. You only need to mount the sensor on the tire, wait for about 1 minute, and you will see the display shows the pressure and temperature of the tire.
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