Newest Hud Car Obd2 Computer Head Up Display Obd Hud Digital Speedometer Windshield Projector ObdII Rpm Fatigue Driving Km/H Mph

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1. decorative lighting and RPM light

2. Speed

3. Speed unit: KM/H , MPH

4. Light sensor:HUD can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment

5. Multi functions: Instantaneous fuel consumption, 100 km acceleration, water temperature, voltage, speed, trip distance, travel time, clock

6. Unit of functions: RPM= Rotational Speed,Trip=trip distance,L/H=Instantaneous fuel consumption, L/100KM=100 km instantaneous fuel consumption, a+=100 km acceleration time

7.Alarm icons: Engine failure icon,water temperature icon,Voltage icon, shift reminder icon, speed alarm icon,Fatigue driving icon



  2. Premium quality ABS material, stable performance and long time service.
  3. It shows the condition of your vehicle, such as engine, instantaneous fuel consumption, mileage, etc.
  4. This product can detect and eliminate the fault code.
  5. The function of overspeed alarm, water temperature alarm, voltage alarm, shift reminder assure your driving safety.
  6. When you are tired because of driving, you will be reminded to become careful.


Condition: Brand New
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Application Range: 
American OBD2 protocol gasoline car manufactured after 2004,
Other region's OBD2 protocol gasoline car manufactured after 2008.

OBD2 HUD is not applicable to common models:
1. OBD2 models are not available in the US: not fit for Dodge, not fit for JEEP, not fit for Sail, not fit for Chrysler, produced before 2004 and 2004
2. All legal systems and Italian models of OBD2 cannot be used: such as: not fit for Fiat, not fit for Maserati, not fit for Lamborghini, not fit for Citroen, not fit for Renault, not fit for Simka, not fit for Amirka, etc.
3. OBD2 Japanese models are not available: not fit for Suzuki, not fit for Mazda 6, not fit for Infiniti (QX50 q50 q501), not fit for Toyota avanza in 2013, not fit for Lexus (is250, ex250, ES300H) not fit for Honda (jazz, CRV) and vehicles produced before 2008.
4. South Korea's for Kia and for Hyundai do not use OBD models (2013 not fit for Hyundai Sonata, 2017 not fit for Kia Soul PS, etc.)
5. Oil-electric hybrids and diesel vehicles, pickup trucks, motor homes, and modified car computers do not use HUD.

Package List:

1 x Host

1 x OBD Line

1 x Reflective Film

1 x Non-slip Mat

1 x Instruction Manual


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