Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam Motorcycle Recorder 1080P Front Rear Full Body Wide View Waterproof Motorcycle Camera Logger Recorder

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Especially Designed for Motorcycle lovers

2 channel separated cameras with each standard 2.0 meters extension cable for front and rear view recording. Good stability and friendly operation will let you enjoy the ride.

Waterproof Design

Both cameras have been related to IP67 Waterproof resistance, plus IP65 waterproof design for cables(please note the main unit is not waterproof).

Permanent Power Supply

Power through motorcycle's battery never need to be charged. No need to worry about charging problem at all.

Emergency Recording Mode

G-Sensor Event Recording: It will automatically activate emergency recording mode when detecting a collision. NOTE: Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten.

Loop Recording

1) Off: The DVR will keep recording without overwriting (record as 30 minutes per clip) and stop once the storage is full. 2) 1/3/5 minutes: The DVR will keep continuously recording as 1/3/5 minutes clips by overwriting the previous files.

Motion Detection

motion detection means that video will be automatically enabled when the device has detected that there’s change or flash in the picture. It is turned on when the vehicle is under parking state for monitoring the car and keeping the evidence. “ON”/”OFF” are optional.

Voice Recording

Voice recorder function means to enable or not enable the function of recording voice when recording video. “ON”/ ”OFF” are optional. When it is set at On, it means to enable the voice recording function, When it is set at Off, it means not to enable the voice recording function.

Parking Monitoring

“ON”/ ”OFF” are optional, when parking monitoring is set at On, the device will automatically start recording video for 1 min when it has detected the vibration of the car, and the video will be saved with the file name started with SOS in the folder, and the file won’t be deleted when the circular video recording is enable.

Waterproof Wired Controller

USB Power Cable

If your car is equipped with a USB interface, you can achieve non-destructive, non-demolition, and broken wire installation, just plug in the USB cable ( USB car charger is not included.)

Language Selection

19 languages are available, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Latin, Slovenian, Ukrainian, French, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Vietnamese, Thai. Corresponding language is selected in this menu.

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