Bluetooth Car Smart Locator FM Transmitter With LCD 2.1A USB Port Car MP3 Audio Player TF Slot FM Transmitter USB Car Charger

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Thank you very much for your purchase Car Smart Locator,the device creatively helps you to find your car with “ Fast Find Car ”App .When parking your car ,the smart locator will save car’s location to the App automatically. Simply open the App to get the car parking location, direction, distance , and parking time on cellphone. *Does not support multi-storey or underground parking lots. (If your car park at a multi-storey underground Parking lot, you could choose B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 in the APP settings to remember or open the camera in the APP to take a picture of your parking position)* App only works on iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.


Main Features


1. Saving the parking location on cellphone App and helps to find  your vehicle in seconds;

2. Transmitting audio from cellphone to car FM stereo system wirelessly;
3. Built-in microphone, supports hands-free call;
4. Vehicle battery voltage monitoring;
5. Audio playing from external USB/TF card;
6. 5V/2.1A output for mobiles, tablets charging;
7. FM 87.5-108.0MHz full channels covered;
8. Works on 12V and 24V vehicles.
Tips for all kinds of Car MP3 FM Transmitter
1.Noise problem
It is a normal phenomenon that FM product will have some noise because of the interference of the local radio signal. In order to minimize the interference of noise, we recommend that you first adjust the car radio to the local blank frequency status of your city, then adjust our product's frequency to the same status. Please try a few more blank frequency to make sure that you find the best one, then you can enjoy the highest quality of sound.
2. Volume setting problem
In order to keep you can enjoy your favorite music leisurely, we recommend that you adjust the volume of your phone and our product to the maximum after connecting the Bluetooth function, then reduce your radio Volume to an appropriate station. This adjustment can greatly reduce the interference by the FM signal and give you a comfortable music environment.
3. Memory card problem
Suggest that you use a memory card less than 32GB. we suggest don't use a memory card larger than 32GB when you use this type of our product, which may cause the abnormal reading.
4. In-vehicle voltage range
Our products support the use of 12V-24V normal battery in the car / truck, we recommend that you do not use the product in because of instantaneous high current.
packing List
1 x Smart Locator
1 x User Guide

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