AUTOPMALL FM Transmitter Car Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit 1.8" Display Screen QC3.0 Fasting Car Charger Aux Wireless Audio Play

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The device is developed for car using with wireless MP3 player, equipped with professional high-performance wireless module ans MP3 decoder chip. It can transmit and play stereo music from the TF card to the car through the FM radio signal. It can transmit music from mobile phone to the car audio through wireless. You can also use this device to complete a phone hands-free system that can communicate freely during your driving. The device sends the signal wirelessly, without modifying anything in the car, both as an entertainment music player and as a safety and accessible car kit.


Product features


1.CVC technology to control noise and storm then to create full-duplex sound quality


2.Turn on/off the FM but keep charging fuction.


3.Voice command to say Yes to answer the call and say NO to reject the call(But must be quite when call is coming in case of any misidentification)


4."MODE" button can exchange the hands-free call into private call


5.Orange USB port supports QC3.0 protocol:

 Blue USB port supports intelligent output current: 
Bluetooth Version: CSR 4.2
Frequency Range: 87.5-108.0MHZ
TF Card (max capacity): 32GB
1.Widely compatible-FM radio can use wireless devices such as for iPhone , for iPad, for iPod, tablet, smartphone or MP3, MP4 player, you can transfer music from car audio to car radio via 3.5mm audio line
2.Sound quality-Using the most advanced interference and noise cancellation technology to provide the most perfect sound quality. Please note that due to radio frequency interference and car ground loop noise, any transmitter is almost impossible to produce perfect audio, but this product is one of the best products on the market. 
Friendly Tip
After receiving the product, do not hurry to insert the product into the cigarette light hole of the car. After starting your car, firstly an idle FM channel with no local radio station program patiently on the car radio, and the standard is a slight rustling sound. Then insert the product into the cigarette light hole, and adjust same FM frequency of the product as the FM frequency of the car, At this time, the car radio will be very quiet and there is no static interference. And finally connect your phone with the product via wireless. When they are pairing successfully, you can enjoy the song from your phone.
packing List
1x Bluetooth FM transmitter
1x 4A fuse
1x 3.5mm aux cable
1x User Manual

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